Monday, November 12, 2012

Salutations Dear Friends!

It's that time again! The time when I show you what I'm up to!!
I know that this is your favourite part of your day :)
I will not disappoint you, fair citizen!
Onwards to the Works in Progress!!

First off is my 'Letter K' Project. This is a one week mini project. I was given a letter and then I was told to pick an animal that a child would recognize. Then I was to take that animal and illustrate the letter using the animal!
So I got the letter K. And I chose the Koala.
I originally wanted to do a Kookaburra, but apparently no one in my class knows about the poor little bird. So I had to choose something a bit more conventional.
I'm pretty happy with it. There's a few things I'd like to change before turning it in, but here he is!

Next up is our word association project. We were told to pick a word from a list and then do an illustration of what comes to mind when we see the word.
So I picked 'Dapper.'
Firstly, it's one of my favourite words.
Secondly, I'll gladly take the opportunity to draw a man in 20's get-up any day!
So this is my initial rough sketch. I have about seven different layers of hair, ties, and moustaches that I switch between every five seconds. So I'm not sure what I'll chose yet. although I'm fairly certain I'll use this pose and such. (although, as I proof read this, I keep getting distracted by that left's over too far....)

Last but not least is my comic. This year, my Graphic Narratives class has been invited to have a table to sell comics at a local convention. So right now we're all working on little comics to sell at the con! I decided to do the origin story of my boys, Villain and Do-Gooder! The first page is completely done, and the second page is a work in progress.

Other than these things, I'm working on a tempera resist painting and a caricature.  I have never done an actual caricature in my life, it's so very out of my comfort zone, but I'm trying! So that's all that matters right? Keep your fingers crossed that I'll be able to pull it off!

Stay cozy and have a nice warm cuppa for me!
Yours truly,

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