Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Portfolio for London: A Rather Large Post.

(Click on the picture for a larger view)
Alice in Wonderland: The Dormouse's Tale -sketch

Alice in Wonderland: The Dormouse's Tale -Final

 Mix-And-Match Creature -Ideation

 Mix-and-Match Creature -Version 1

Mix-and-Match Creature -Final

A Cruel Mistress -Ideation

 A Cruel Mistress -Final

Save Undershaw Editorial Spread -Ideation

Save Undershaw Editorial Spread -Final

 Wine Bottle Group Project -Sketch
Wine Bottle Group Project -My Finished Bottle

 Wine Bottle Group Project -Finished Group

Pittsburgh Mr. Rogers T-Shirt -Ideation

 Pittsburgh T-shirt Final -Version 1
Pittsburgh T-Shirt Final -Version 2

 Digital Painting Techniques -1 week exercises

Vector Fish -Sketches

Vector Fish -Final
 Four Seasons of Fun! -Sketch

 Four Seasons of Fun! -Final

Digital Texture Exercise

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