Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Bit of an Update

So hello!
there's been a lot going on, but I thought I would check in with you to show you what I'm up to right now!

Let's start with my recently finished project: The creature.

 For this project we had to combine 2-3 animals to create a new creature. So I chose an elephant and a cassowary! And I made the cassowary more tropical with the colours. I'm not completely finished, but this is what I brought in for crit.

Now onto the wine bottle project!
Remember those pesky lions? Well here they are in all their finished glory!
 I don't normally do very well on group projects unless I'm in charge. But I think I did okay this time! Our wine company was based off of alchemic pairings of animals which represented spirit and soul. So we have the unicorn and the deer, the knight and the dragon, and the lion and lioness. The symbol that we used is an alchemic symbol that has to do with your wild animal side coming out, and then we put that in the triangle because that represents femininity. (we were an all girl group)

Now we get to the works in progress. Currently, I'm working on several projects, but I only have a couple of in process pictures to show you.

The first is a free project. We can literally do what ever we want. So of course, I gravitated towards the nautical. I wanted to play with the idea of man trying to tame the sea. Or even like how they say that the sea is a cruel mistress. So I'm playing with having a rather well moustachioed sailor man trying to embrace the sea, but of course, she's trying to pull away. I'm not completely sold on the composition or anything yet. Still playing around.

Then the Alice in Wonderland project. One of the wealthiest men in Cleveland is a big collector of Alice in Wonderland illustrations and books, so we have been asked to create illustrations based on AiW. I guess that this is in the hope that he may donate money to the illustration department like he did to industrial design.  I decided to create an illustration of the dormouse while he is reciting his "tail." I'll post the watercolours that I've done for it later once I have a chance to scan them in!

And that's all for right now! Have a nice day :)

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