Wednesday, September 19, 2012

 So, I've been working super hard to keep up with all the amazing illustrators that are in this school. I don't know if I'm succeeding yet, but the work I'm producing is some of my best work I've ever done. So I'm happy with that.
I've been working very hard on my editorial piece, attempting to please my professor. (Which is a lot harder than I was expecting) He's very picky; but he's picky for my own good. So I just have to work harder. But here is the (still work in progress) editorial layout in honour of the Save Undershaw campaign .

 I had a lot of difficulty getting the type to do what I wanted it to do, but I'm pretty pleased with it now. The illustration of Undershaw itself is nowhere near done, so please excuse it's current state.

My name has also not found a permanent home yet, so that's just floating there right now.

My illustration of Holmes is just about done. I have maybe four more things to do and he's finished up!
All in all, this has been a very challenging project, but I'm learning so much from it!

We just received news of a pretty exciting project centring around a Collector of Alice in Wonderland books/illustration, and it sounds very promising, but I have to bring my A-game, it's a serious business deal!

Also currently in the works:
T-Shirt Design for Chicago
Texture and vector landscape
Tactile texture colour piece

Keep your eyes peeled for more works in progress!

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